Expressive Arts Activity

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Expressive Arts Activity- Adlerian Theory

“My Special Moment”

Jennifer Johnson and Meghan Vaughan

Indications: By creating a picture of a special moment with family, clients will explore the way they see themselves, others, and the world.

Goal: To build a therapeutic relationship with the client as they explore the way they see themselves compared to others around them. The client will also understand where they fit into society and gain confidence and social skills. The goal in this activity is for the client to recreate a missing experience that they may be missing or wanting in their life.

Modality: Art- comic strip/drawing/collage

The Fit: Discover the client’s sense of feeling based on a special event in their life. This activity can be implemented with a broad range of clients. Every client’s comic/drawing will be unique and the outcome is situational. The client has the potential to show the counselor several indicators while explaining the comic/drawing. Some of the indicators include the following: abuse, neglect, want/need for attention, and power.

Population: Children/adolescents-group/individual
This expressive arts activity can be applied to a child who is experiencing emotional, behavioral, and academic difficulties.

Materials: Large piece of plain paper, markers, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper, glue

1. The counselor will provide the client with a large piece of plain paper and art supplies of their choice (crayons, markers, colored pencils, construction paper). 2. The counselor will ask the client to imagine a special event in their life that made them either happy or sad. 3. The counselor will then ask the client how they felt during their special moment. 4. The counselor will tell the client to choose the color of construction paper according to how they were feeling during their “special moment.” For example: The mock client talks about how he was excited to open...
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