Express Opinions

Topics: Democracy, Law, Facebook, Human rights, Twitter, Sociology / Pages: 3 (513 words) / Published: Sep 7th, 2013
People Should Be Allowed to Express Their Opinions There are three assiduous things that make people pursue with consecutive efforts during life times: freedom, justice and love. The pursuit of Freedom, however, is something invariably vital to seek. Expression freedom or freedom of speech; therefore, deserves more passionate pursuit. As a democratic country, freedom of speech is that all citizens are allowed to express their thoughts, opinions, and attitudes to the everything of their country. Under the protection of the “Freedom of Speech”, people also have rights to deliver their mind on the social media and share or discuss with other people. People in the U.S are allowed to express their opinions anyway they want to on social media. Although some opinions may cause harm to other people, I believe that people should be allowed to express their opinions freely on social media. Expression freedom is one essential component of democratic society, which usually indicates the level of the civilization in a democracy. The social media such as “Facebook” or “Twitter” is a public social networking platform for people to record their daily life and to share happiness or sadness about their experience. They have rights to express themselves. It may have many different views, some useful views can be chosen to analyse the solution to the problem. Some related department can pay more attention to the issues and deal with it well through more ideas on the social media. Social media also makes people have the opportunity to present comments and complaint, thus maintaining the stability of society. What’s more, it may benefit the development of country. Expressing opinions through social media is one of the basic rights for people to participate in political life and to express their opinions on social affairs. Some people like to discuss government and policy, and aim at something that happened in first time. Expressing opinions on social media could provide

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