Topics: Poetry, Figure of speech, Alliteration Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: December 5, 2014

Stanza 1:

The “…” gives a sense of time, the nights are long and tense. Odd mixture of boredom and tension
Seem hypnotic with the sibilance of the “s”
Always listening, the silence around them seems unnatural and makes them uneasy so they can’t sleep. Sibilance of the repeated “s” sound creates the effect of whispering and the wind – which draws attention away from the enemy setting off flares. Feeling disorientated

Assonance – an internal rhyming within the same lines
Soft sounds
Almost iambic pentameter

Stanza 2:
The gusts – unpredictable and chaotic
“twisting agonies of men” – skin ripped at the wires, a lot of people died on the wires and reminds people of the deaths of the war Can hear the gunshots of the war – closer than they think it is. They’re not part of the war, they feel like the war they are fighting doesn’t belong to them anymore – detached from the war, they don’t feel anything, detached from life – too exhausted to be scarred Rhetorical question – questioning the war as a whole – they feel disengaged.

Stanza 3:
New day – hopeful. But “misery of dawn” oxymoronic – inherent contradiction, they just have another endless day of the same misery. “Poignant” - evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret: “s” – sibilance – wind and rain – gives the reader a better understanding of the weather that took place and what they had to go through. Starts with “we only know” – there world has become only the war, nothing else crosses their minds. Power of three “war lasts, rain soaks, and clouds sag stormy” Dawn is personified and described as having an army – dawn is the enemy. Same way that the East Winds knive us – wouldn’t be as bad as they didn’t have to deal with the weather – they only fight the war occasionally they’re forever dealing with the weather. Bathos – “but nothing happens”

“Shivering ranks of grey” – so cold. They are a mass not singular.

Stanza 4:
Starts with a lot of sibilance...
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