Expository Text in Hugh Mackay's Advance Australia Where?

Topics: Expository writing, Demographics, Lifestyle Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Expository texts are designed to present information that encourages us to accept a particular point of view. Normally this information is often fresh and exhilarating, challenging us to analyze aspects of the world in different ways. Advance Australia Where…..? By Hugh Mackay is an expository text which significantly analyses the idea of the renovations that Australia is currently undergoing through the younger generation. An abundant of ideas presented has led me to reject many of his views He presents these ideas throughout the book and in the chapter “Project Australia”. This is achieved through the effective use of techniques of construction such as the use of authority figure, selection of detail and language.

The chapter “Project Australia” uses authoritarian figures to help persuade viewers to believe Hugh MacKay’s ideology that generation y is destroying the future of Australia. Mackay talks about many aspects of the changes in Australia such as religion, generation, families and technology. He authenticates these aspects with official reports such as “ The Sydney morning herald” and the IPSOS MacKay report Living with debt 2007, gives a sense of trust towards his viewers. However many of these reports are produced and collected from Hugh Mackay himself so the information presented maybe controversial. I believe that the reports that Hugh Mackay shown in the text is not unreliable as it has come from trustworthy resource, however biased. This can be seen as the Ipsos report found that “young adults between those who still aspire to home ownership among those who neither want nor afford to own their own homes.” shows that his reports are only showing how “young adults” are undedicated and unintelligent. Hugh Mackay has used a broad range of authoritarian figures to assist the readers that generation y is a cause of conflict.

Selection of detailed used in “Project Australia” has emphasized many of the negative changes that has occurred in the past...
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