Expository Essay ; Why Do People Smoke?

Topics: Decision making, Smoking, Cigarette Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: May 7, 2012
Expository Essay
English 2201


Why do people smoke? Or choose to smoke?

Adolescences have many choices to make as they develop into adulthood. Such choices include what career path they will take, and whether to attend university or collage. However, other than the huge decisions that will shape you as an adult, there are also many small decisions that can have the same effect on your life, such as weather you choose to smoke or not. Personally, I believe smoking is wrong. Smoking is unhealthy, costly, and addicting. I myself don’t comprehend why anyone would take up smoking, pear pressure could have been obstacle but seriously, smoking is revolting.
Initially, when making authoritative decisions about your life, or anything it is evident that you must weigh your options and choose the most appropriate. So why would you make a decision that is unhealthy for your well being and possibly shorten your life? I have heard once that for every cigarette you smoke, it takes five minutes away from your life. I’ve seen adults smoke maybe two or three packs a day. Imagine the damage they are doing to their lungs, and their body as a whole. Closing to smoke is defiantly not a decision I will every make.

Everyday I hear my elders complaining about the cost of their necessities, whether it is how much their groceries cost, or their clothing, and yet they are sitting up and letting the cash pour for something that is completely unnecessary. Cigarettes today cost just fewer than ten dollars; it’s about $8.50 where I’m from. So do the math, for heavy smokers they could be looking at $17.00 a day or maybe more. In this economy today that is simply ridiculous and a pointless act to be spending your well-earned money on.

Not only is smoking hard on your wallet and your health in addition it is also highly addictive. Once you begin the atrocious habit it is nearly impossible to stop without complete dedication and strenuous effort. I...
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