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Learning Lessons
Will children ever learn their lessons? Some children learn the easy way and others learn the hard way. Depending on the person is whether or not they will learn a lesson. My mom always told me that, “with everything I go through in the end there will be either a blessing or a lesson.” I started to take that under effect at an early age and realized that at the end of a situation you won’t get both a blessing and a lesson that you will get either or and what you do will affect the outcome. Children now days learn lessons from their parent’s mistakes, their own experiences or, spoken advice, all of which are good ways to learn but me personally I learn from my own experiences. To begin, learning a lesson from your parents is as simple as it sounds. When you sit down with your parent asking them a question and they tell you what they went through in that situation. For example if you go to you parent and tell them you are having relationship problems, most parents can relate and will tell you that whatever you’re going through isn’t worth going through at all and that you shouldn’t sit around and deal with what you’re dealing with. You should then take the advice and do what your parent says. I feel if your parents take the time to tell you something that they care about you and you should listen and not want the same mistake they made when they were your age. I can only learn a lesson like that if my mom’s story was really sad and I don’t want to feel the pain she felt when she went through the situation, but I like to experience things on my own. Children now don’t have the opportunity to learn that way because their afraid to talk to their parents or because their parents aren’t around to even notice that their child is going through something. Secondly, learning from your own experiences is when you are doing something you make a mistake and say to yourself okay that was wrong and I don’t want to experience that again. For example if you...
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