Expository Essay

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Expository Essay
Many people make mistakes, see mistakes, or notice a mistake waiting to happen. Many people grow within these mistakes, thinking its okay to make them, when really; these negatives influence us more than we think they do.

Growing up in a dangerous place can make a person feel scared or frightened, which will make us feel the need to protect ourselves when we feel threatened. Wes Moore is an example of this because he grew up in a very horrendous neighborhood with things like drugs, weapons, and criminals. Wes was influenced by the people there and went on to make bad decisions of his own, one including murdering a police sergeant, which then he faced a cruel and brutal punishment by serving the rest of his life in a behind bars.

Sometimes, a person can grow up in harsh conditions, but choose to take the high road, and make healthier decisions. Oprah Winfrey was one of the few who turned her whole life around. She grew up in such a scary position, which includes being raped at the age of six, having many people degrade her because of her race, becoming pregnant at an early age, getting beaten by her own family members, and felling like she was worth absolutely nothing. But Oprah didn’t let that shoot her down. She kept going and ignored the bad influences on her and focused on her goals. Later on, she made her own talk show and changed the hearts of many women to do the same thing as she did.

So, when you think a negative life experience will make you unable to achieve what you’re fighting for, think about Oprah and the many others that changed their life for the better.
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