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Nowadays, performing poorly in school or academically is seen as lacking of ability of studying. And that is the situation almost every students are facing or once faced. When students doing poorly in school continue sly, it often leads to unpleasant result in the future life and work. Firstly, performing poorly in school is a potential risk to become a criminal. There are reports indicating that around 3 million students drop out from high school each year in US alone. And the reporter also found that large percentage of violent criminals or drug dealers are high-school dropouts. The reason that they drop out the school is mainly because their terrible academic performances make them feel unconfident to continue studying. Secondly, It's not news that those students doing poorly academically may be unable or less possible to enter higher-level education. There are entrance exams like SAT or GRE conducting in US to examine student’s academic performance. And scoring higher marks from these tests may enable students to go to college where they could have a better understanding of the knowledge that they want to expertise and even get involved to the most advanced research. Without performing well in school, those achievements will never be succeeded. Thirdly, Poor performance in school may lead to fewer payrolls in work. It seems like a diploma or degree becomes a requirement of entering a big organization. And companies value employees with a proper academic score. Those students who award first class from university are likely to find a proper job with a substantial payroll. And those who are unable to provide proper academic score sometimes end up doing tedious and meaningless work. For instance, the worker doing construction job in the scorching sun for hours, or maids doing house cleaning for two hours just to earn the basic pay rate. Hence, It impacts people's life significantly if students perform poorly in school. The consequences of that are...
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