Expository Essay

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Expository Essay

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1. Introduction3

2. History of Gangs4

3. Prison Gang Names4

4. Gang Specific Tattoos6

5. Special Markings7

6. Equipment8

7. The difference Between Prison Gang Tattoos and Tattoos in Society9

8. Conclusion10

9. References11


Today's prison gang tattoos has a big contrasting difference than those in our society. Did you know that sixteen percent of the world’s population has at least one tattoo? Differentiating between the tattoos will help understand the lifestyle or culture of the tattooed world. Knowing what to look for in a tattoo might help for a better understanding of tattoos and maybe even an acceptance of tattoos. Understanding and expanding knowledge of tattoos will also help point out those tattoos that are related to prison/gang tattoos and those that maybe just an ordinary tattoo.

History of Prison Gangs

Prison gangs are not just a part of prison life, but the lifestyle of someone in prison. The first prison gangs were noted in the 1950’s in California. The separation of the Whites, Blacks, and the Hispanics North and South, was the start of these prison gangs.

These well organized crime rings kept those and those alike together, but also kept those apart who were different. Joining such gang is a decision for life. Their loyalty belonged to the gang. Their brotherhood was all they had left to hold onto while incarcerated.

The Mexican Mafia was considered to be one of the first known prison gangs. They mark themselves with tattoos to separate or let other know who they are. These distinctive markings would either save them from harm or put them away for life. “LA EME” could be one of the markings that are specific to this prison gang.

The Texas Syndicate was also considered to be one of the first known prison gangs. The Texas Syndicate was a spinoff of the Mexican Mafia, separating the north and the south. The Texas Syndicate marks themselves with a T and a S.

Prison Gang Names

The Aryan Brotherhood, Black Guerilla Family, La Nuestra Familia, The Mexican Mafia, and the Texas Syndicate were the first gangs to be noted and designated as prison gangs. It has been said that the members of these prison gangs were members of street gangs before they were convicted.

[pic]The Aryan Brotherhood was assembled in San Quentin in the late 1960’s. Aryan Brotherhood was assembled to keep protect those of the Aryan Race from the blacks and Hispanics.

[pic]The Black Guerilla Family was assembled in the late 1960’s. The Black Guerilla Family was a spin off of the Black Panthers. This prison gang was originally started to eradicate racism. The Black Guerilla Family worked well with the Hispanic gang La Nuestra Familia.

[pic]La Nuestra Familia was started in the 1960’s to protect the Mexican Americans from the Mexican Mafia. It has been said that La Nuestra Familia formed alliances with the Black Guerilla Family.

[pic]The Mexican Mafia was started in the 1950’s. It was believed to be a street gang that rolled over into a prison gang. The Mexican Mafia was structured like the military with ranks from Bosses leading down to Soldiers.

[pic] The Texas Syndicate was assembled in the 1970’s in Texas. The prison gang moved to California, strengthening the gangs power. With the strong following of members in prison, the Texas Syndicate is one of the most powerful prison gangs today.

Gang Specific Tattoos

Prison gangs have been known for their “mark” or “identifier”. These markings are unique to each prison gang. Numbers and lettering mean so much to each prison gang. Simple identifiers to show ownership or power marked on the individuals bodies. Each member marks their bodies with these specific tattoos to show pride for their brotherhood.

“AB”, Two Feathers with...

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