Expository Essay

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People should save things that mean a lot to them or have any kind of value. Dollar value and sentimental value are things people consider when they are cleaning out that old closet or garage. Items that have good memories are very good things to save. Most people save old photos or trophies because they mean something special. Something that everybody else views as trash or of no value can mean the most to you, and you should keep it, whether its books or jewelry or whatever else you see as important.

Photo albums and books are good things to save. They may mean nothing to strangers, but strangers have no idea what has happened in your life. That may be just a dusty book on a shelf to strangers, but to you it holds many memories of sitting on your grandma’s lap after a long day and having her smooth voice sing the beautiful sounds of nursery rhymes as you gently fall asleep. Also, photos are great things to have to show your grandchildren and friends.

Trophies and awards are good to keep around because they were an honor to receive. Every time you may look at that trophy in the corner of your bedroom you may remember practicing so hard to win the basketball championships or how hard you studied to earn that academic award. Awards are good examples of what can happen when you just try your best and work hard.

Jewelry is something many people save because of its dollar value. However, people also save it because they inherited it from their family members. Maybe they save it because it’s a gift or something as special as a wedding ring. Jewelry is a beautiful thing many people love to hold on to and pass on to their family.

Everything has some kind of value. However, the things with the most value are the things worth saving and holding on to. It doesn’t matter what kind of value it holds, dollar value or sentimental value, it is all worth saving. But in many cases, the things with sentimental value are the things you treasure the most, always and forever....
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