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Expository Essay

By ladyjenn Jun 03, 2013 530 Words
Annotated Bibliography

Working Title: Understanding Human Behavior
Broad Subject: Psychology of Behavior
Thesis: Many teachers are faced with the challenge of handling students’ discipline, but it would be easier for them if they could understand how the mindset of different individuals operate under different circumstances. Annotated Bibliography

Coon, D. & Mitterer, J. (2010). Psychology: A Journey. Stamford: Cengage Learning This book covers essential topics that are fundamental in psychology, as well as the radical contemporary knowledge. Coon and Mitterer have composed this book in such a manner that it sparks the imagination, curiosity, and insight of the reader. It is one of the few psychology books that has integrated SQ4R learning system that helps readers understand the major concepts and develop a comprehensive understanding of the diversity of psychology. One can, therefore, see how psychology applies in the challenges of everyday life. The writers have also done a tremendous job in integrating humor in the book, making it enjoyable to read, unlike a traditional textbook. The innovative instructional techniques and student-oriented style the authors have used offers a solution to many students who face problems with understanding technical learning. The book, therefore, is easy to use during private studies or even when handling homework. Kassin S., Fein S. & Hazel, R. (2010). Social Psychology. Stamford: Cengage Learning. This books centers on human behavior. It provides depth and breadth of knowledge, which provides the reader with articulate insight into how individuals behave, think, and feel when in a social context. The book does a splendid job in separating into chapters the various fields of research that seem sensible together. The chapters talk about one self, other people, and typecast that incorporate a wide range of quite explicit studies into a chapter that extrapolates on the larger field of social psychology. These chapters address the dynamics and several social effects that affect relationships and communication. All these use actual events to make theories and comprehension of their application clear. The reader can thus connect easily with explanation and events in the book, as they are things that happen in daily life opposed to the imaginary technical world of classical psychology. The authors have combined their unique expertise and efforts to generate a contemporary, yet meticulous work on social psychology. Rathus, S. (2011). Psychology: Concepts and Connections. Belmont: Cengage Learning. This book provides the latest research findings in psychology. Rathus discusses events and issues that face students in their daily life. This book touches on classic theories, but presents latest discoveries as well in a concise, accessible manner. It is a blend or classical psychology and modern science put in a way that is easy to understand. The text comprises of emphasis on the evolutionary perspective and diversity of psychology, in addition to several references to research. The active learning system incorporated in every chapter makes it an ideal textbook. It is presented in a twist that can make students achieve a meaningful, personal experience. This book is suitable for any kind of student, especially those who can learn without assistance as the instructions and references are quite easy to follow. However, it is quite diverse, which may make it difficult to follow.

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