Topics: Frog, Spanish American, Spanish people Pages: 1 (677 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Jacquon Steven
Douglas Venancio10-21-14
Professor Sepulveda
My group member and I have come up with a product titled The Cooking Coqui. We named it this because of the alliteration to make it sound catchy to catch the children’s attention while also targeting the Latino Market with the Puerto Rican National animal. It is a frog that helps kids cook, at a young age. The name comes from the Spanish national frog Coqui; a Coqui is a small frog that is brown, yellow, or green in color. The frog is bilingual, he speaks Spanish and English. He will go over the procedure of cooking a specific meal in English then resay it in Spanish so people that speak one language can understand what he is saying while being taught a new language. This Disney Character will help Kids Bond with their parents because it will be a family show that you most likely as a child would watch with your mom. This come with a catchy anthem that is fun to sing for its audience to be hooked on the show. The talking Coqui will repeatedly say “cook it, cook it” in a rhythmic sound to make it sound like he is saying cook it but at the same time it sounds like he saying Coqui, it’s a double entendre. The Coqui will be named Carlos to add to the C sound of the name phrase Carlos the Cooking Coqui. This cooking frog will give basic instructions because it’s a kid’s show so none of the dishes will be hard to make dishes. The cooking frog will have a DVD that focuses on cooking for kids to have fun while cooking. It will also have its own toys, which comes in different colors. Toys such as: The frog with the spatula and cooking hat, toys stoves with some of the frogs famous dishes he makes in the show and easy make cookbooks. The toy frog will be able to speak its catch phrase, “Let’s get to cooking” in Spanish, and English. Books will be available with the DVD so you can get a better understanding while cooking. The benefits of this cooking frog, is that it will bring family closer together. The...
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