Exposition: Mother Love

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Exposition by Example and Definition
Exposition refers to prose whose purpose is to give information. The writer’s purpose of writing an expository essay is to convince the readers that his essay explains the subject matter in the clearest way. Actually much of our college writing may be classified as exposition: book reports, essay exams and even research papers. The purpose of an expository essay may be accomplished by explaining a process, comparing or contrasting two items, identifying a cause-effect relationship, explaining with examples dividing the classifying, or defining. Depending upon the particular type of expository essay being written, the order of presentation of supporting details may vary. However, an essay is usually developed by several strategies combined rather than a single one. So in the explanation of the strategies, we identify the kind of essay by its primary strategy of development. Each unit introduces two strategies. In this unit, exposition by example and definition will be introduced. This unit is divided into two sections: Section 1: Exposition by example; Section 2: Exposition by definition.

Section 1 Expository by example
Part I Lead- in
Purpose: This part serves as unit orientation, the purpose of which is to re-activate students, existing knowledge and experience in the related area so as to get them actively involved in the process of teaching, which emphasizes exposition by example. Lead-in activity should take no more than 30 minutes.

Task 1
Suggestions for teaching
Ask the students first to brainstorm individually and then share each other’ s knowledge in group and make comment on each example following the suggested questions in Step 3.

Part II Sample writing
Suggestions for teaching
The approach adopted here is that of induction(归纳法); that is, the teacher should help the students find out how the author has tried to achieve unity by examples. Students should be encouraged to think, discover and then draw a conclusion.

Task 2
Suggested answers to the questions
1. The last sentence of Paragraph 1.
2. Three: 1) Cordless phone; 2) The Internet; 3) Computer-designed magnesium(镁) wheels. 3. Cons. For example, in Paragraph 3, the writer offers an advantage of the Internet, i.e. limitless access to information. But he offers more disadvantages, i.e. users are glued to their computers; users can never feel on top of things, and users become obsessed(时刻被困扰) 4. “another example” in Paragraph 3 and 4.

5. The writer points out the advantage of the cordless phone at first. Then he uses “ however” to show the reader the disadvantages. After the illustration, he lists the first disadvantage: we lose privacy. The word “also” leads us to the second disadvantage. And the word “then” transfers us smoothly to the third disadvantage.

Task 3
The answer is open
Part IV In-class Activities
Task 4
Suggested answers to the questions
1. The second paragraph. It provides examples to illustrate the central point. 2. Seven examples
3. No. They are a series of short examples.
4. They help to explain the general statement clearly and make the point convincing. Also, the examples can arouse the reader’s interest.

Task 5
Suggested answers
1. The chandelier is too low.
----- I slammed my head into the chandelier
----- I must duck to avoid hitting my head on a door frame.
2. Beds are also not made with the very tall in mind.
----- I have to sleep across a double bed to keep my feet from dangling(悬吊) off the end. 3. Cars do not have enough space for the tall.
----- I have to recline my seat and push it back to keep my head from scraping the ceiling. ----- I drive with the sunroof open.
----- I have to fold myself over to get into the car.

Task 6
Suggested answers
1. a 2. c

Task 7
The answer is open

Task 8
The answer is open

Task 9
Suggested answer
Coming to my weaknesses. I realize that I have quite few too. I am a little over-cautious....
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