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Group member:
Karlo (powerpoint, classification and participation)
Carlene (compilation, Exposition of an abtract term)
Richard (summary exposition)
Arol (The essay)
Justine (comment and criticism)
Julian (Planning the exposition)
Sheila (Exposition of an abstract term)
Mark (Character sketch)
Jud (Comparison and contrast)
Robin (Exposition of a process)

Explaining something, making ideas clear, analyzing character or situation, definition, giving direction, and It appeals to understanding.

Expository plan must be built for completeness
Information must be valuable and complete. The point of the topic must be specific enough to explain the subject and it seeks to answer what, why, and how. Expository plan must be built for progress

Writing must have unity, from old to new or from simple to complex or known to unknown or specific to general or general from to specific or less important to more important. Expository plan must be built for Adaptation

In order to be clear, explanation must be clear for suitable audience.

The Exposition of an Abstract Term or concept
Anything that has no pictorial representation that we know are true; but exist only in our mind. Abstract term begin with a definition. It consist of the term, Genus, and Differentiation. Writing a good exposition of an abstract term must be:

1. Be sure you are explaining the subject not talking about it. 2. Use the simplest and most familiar diction possible, especially if your exposition is more formal sort. 3. Study various methods of exposition, select the best one suitable for you. Elimination - explaining a thing by telling what is not.

Analysis – dividing the subject into its feature.
Comparison and Contrast – defining words which have a tendency to occur with or to be confused with certain companion words. Illustration - the easiest and natural method of exposition. Giving example of illustration of object to be defined. A serious problem in the abstract term or concept is that length. It may be full length or full length composition or in which the subject is amplified by various methods or by one developed to its utmost. It may be a paragraph developed by concentrating on the main features of the subject and relying for effect upon wise selection and presentation. Most frequently it is a paragraph or page in longer essay.

The exposition of a process
Sequential operation and action by which something is done or made. Whenever you are trying to tell a person how to do something or how other people do something. Followed by a time pattern sometimes w/o conscious planning or explaining events in order. James M. McCrimmon gives four common types of exposition process: “how-to-do-it” process, give direction.

“how-it-works” process, shows a n operation (often mechanical). Usually follows a time order and resembles narration. “how-it-is-organized” process, show complexity in organization function by breaking into department and it is functional rather than chronological. “how-did-it-happen” process, seek to cause for a known effect such as why or how the event occurred. Exposition of a process has two different aims. First, try to give the reader an understanding of the process without assuming that he/she will undertake itself. Second, give the reader a direction. Planning and organizing depend on the subject. If the process is informal, your readers is to follow directions himself. Whether if it is formal or informal, unity is required in the process if you wish to emphasize. Comparison and Contrast

Comparison meant to show likeness and Contrast shows differences between two subject areas. For example, A is better than B or more interesting than B, or more useful than B. The two statements need strong control and organization.

Character Sketch
Process of writing individual trait to set forth idea or detailing of a characteristics of some...
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