Exporting Toys from Belgium to the People's Republic of China

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International Marketing

Toys: Exporting toys from Belgium to the People’s Republic of China


Julie Mertens

1 Master TEW

Prof. Pierre FrancoisAcademic year 2008-2009
1. Table of contents2

2. Introduction3

3. Consumption culture in the People’s Republic of China 4 1. China and its economic growth
1. Export5
2. Open economy
3. Middle class people’s consumption culture 2. Culture
1. One child policy
2. Filiarchy6
3. Six pocket syndrome
4. Parental education
5. Children’s personal expenditures
6. Mian zi7
7. Mien-tsu & Lien
8. Guanxi
9. Fake products
10. Cheaper before better8
11. Religion
12. Astrology & superstition
13. Language
14. Emotions9
15. Business culture
16. Research studies
17. Hofstede10

4. Proposed Marketing adaptations 11
1. Segmentation
2. Targeting
3. Positioning
4. Price adaptations 12
5. Product adaptations
1. Product specifications
2. Assortment change13
3. Brand name
4. Image
5. Packaging
6. Service level
6. Distribution Strategy14
7. Communication15
1. Media and the message
2. Advertisement and promotion

5. General conclusion16

6. References17

7. Apendices18
2. Introduction

Nowadays, in this time of economic depression, some people believe the era of globalization is over. Others consider globalization as a necessity in these times of integration into one worldculture. In this paper, I will try to indicate if and to which extent the marketing-mix should be adapted when exporting Belgian toys to the People’s Republic of China.

First, a little company introduction is given. Secondly, some relevant facts and numbers about the People’s Republic of China are discussed. Then, some cultural differences between Belgium and PRC are considered. Finally, the proposed marketing adaptations will be under consideration. Lilliputiens: a company introduction

Lilliputiens is a Belgian company that specialises in the production of fabric-based toys. What sets them apart is the extremely high product quality. Their aim is to ensure that all of their toys combine their three core values: provide quality toys at reasonable prices, which are fun to play with, great to look at and have an educational value. [pic][pic]

In order to properly stimulate their little customers, namely boys and girls in the zero to five age range, they have created gentle toys made of soft fabric. Their senses are stimulated thanks to the use of a diverse range of textures, sounds, shapes and colours. The toys are designed with the knowledge that toys enable children to imagine, touch, create and think. Those provide a key role in children’s development. Another special feature of the toys is that they evolve in a way that accompanies the baby throughout his or her passage into early infancy. As the child grows, the new play elements are revealed, making new activities and games possible. As a consequence, these toys no longer need to be put back in the box after just three months!

Not only dolls but also a play mat, a food pyramid, a table set and a ruler are amongst the...

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