Export Marketing Plan

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Methodology for the Preparation

In the era of globalization and internationalization of economic activities that we experience, but also the era of rapid changes and developments, in all businesses - regardless of size, industry, origin, or institutional capital composition and command structure - are facing the problem of the "best" internationalization model , that is the model of reorganization, development and management of added value activities (production, distribution, sales, management, research and development) which they should choose to "open" in the global business environment. Based on the data obtained from the survey (Greek and international literature), a model was developed to guide the internationalization of BODY TALK company, in the French market. In particular, finding collaborators there, this study aims to provide a useful guide for the managers of BODY TALK Company who want to develop a wide international sales system. It has been demonstrated empirically that the small size of a company is not a limiting factor of her internationalization since there are important examples of successful small businesses abroad.

This study is based in the French market addressing a number of critical issues such as: * Processes / methods / interventions required for effective externalization and internationalization of Greek garment market. * Methods of organization and function required for the effective internationalization of Greek garments. * Required training of human resources of the company in order for them to acquire the necessary skills and abilities that will contribute to the development of international activities, * Critical factors of success in the process of internationalization and other implementation issues.

The objective of this research is to establish the company in the international market of France. To achieve this, the management of the company should be fully prepared for export. Finding partnerships are essentially meaningless if no suitable preparation first made, such as the legal framework and the wider international market. Executive Summary

BODY TALK Company operates in the field of import, export and marketing of clothing and garments their goal is to explore export opportunities in France. The specific objectives of this study are:

* Increasing of the financial global trade.
* To stimulate entrepreneurship within the company in the global economic environment * The development of trade - services and enhancing the role of trade and accompanying services to the productive system to boost the presence of Greek businesses in international markets. * The methodology followed for the company includes the following steps.

* Export readiness assessment
* Research and evaluation of the main target markets
* Research, evaluation and prioritization sub-branches in France * Research, evaluation and search for potential customers * Data collection for these potential partners
* Research & suggestions to adapt the marketing mix
* Preparation and development program export growth (export marketing plan)

The study analyzes the impact at the level of internal strengths and weaknesses of company products but also the size of the trends and prospects of products on the French market. The study analyzes the impact on the level of internal strengths and weaknesses in the company's products, but also the size of trends and perspectives of products on the French market. For each company there has been research for potential partners to review the basis of available information, communication and design of products and services. More specifically, Body Talk clientele in France divided into three appendices: 1. Partnership with commercial retailers for distribution. 2. Partnership with commercial wholesalers.

3. Clients with chains.
The only possible problem in this exportation action is to moment (product life cycle)...
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