Export Growth Sources of Bangladesh Readymade Garment Industry

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Garments industry in Bangladesh
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By Sabbir.amt
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How Garments industry polluting environment

Bangladesh is a leading garment and textile producing country. After 70s decade Bangladesh started its tour of business. That’s a long history and also a glorious history to reach at that position. now-a days Bangladesh is consider as the best three apparel and textile producing country. We mainly export garment products in USA, United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Figure: Textile wastes are exposed in nature in a huge quantity.

The garment sector is contributing about ten million people directly or indirectly. About 76% of total export income comes from this sector. For that reason it is important for our country. The bank, insurance, communication, port, worker, employee all are depending on that sector. But this sector is creating much chemical waste. Which waste is very harmful for environment? In that assignment I will try to focus about our garment industry. Created wastage by those industries, about waste management, waste awareness, what is happening in waste management in this

Sector and what should be done in this sector for waste management.

Actually, the garment industries are divided into three kinds. They are: 1. Woven garment industry 2. Knitted garment industry 3. Fully fashion garment industry Those garment industries are based on same aim. But there aim is not same. There work procedure is not same also.

But dying washing, printing those work's are related to all kind of garment industries. Specifically those events of total procedures are creating chemical at a large amount.

Bangladesh Textile Mills

Bangladesh Textile Mills

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