Exploring the Nature and Purpose of Human Services Practice

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Exploring the Nature and Purpose of Human Services Practice
July 24, 2012
Dr. Harris-Sims

Exploring Human Services
During my teen-age years there have been times when I wanted to help other people in the same situations as I, or better or worse situations as well. There are many children and adults who need the Human Service services; it could be from child abuse, drug abuse, rape, or any physical and mental abuse. Human Services will be used for disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, floods, and burning of personal or business buildings. This paper will include goals, history, intervention strategies, and ethical considerations, these are topics that are important to learn and use in the Human Service work field. Human Services are services that are used in every state and the goals for every state are about the same; social workers and psychologist, schoolteachers, and basically anybody in this field has goals to maintain. I would say that the most important goal is to help anybody in need of help in any situation. Along with goal setting there are skills that are learned first and the duties and functions that can be followed by professionals in human services such as understanding and identifying conditions that the person is going through, understand the nature of that individual: whether it be individual or group environment. As I read through my text, I have learned about the goals of human services I have also learned a bit about the history behind the career I chose. * Poverty has been around from the beginning of mankind, from working for the wealthy to becoming slaves, to losing fields of crops. Nobody wants to live in poverty; in the middle ages many knew that was the only way to live; cooking, cleaning, and working in the fields, and some as sex slaves. Living in poverty was considered normal because it gave the wealthy something to do, they would help the poverty families to show that they were above the poor. During the mid-14...

References: * Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. .Source:Journal of Human Services; Oct2010, Vol. 30 Issue 1, p81-89, 9p.Document Type:Article.Subject Terms:*EDUCATORS
* Martin, M.E. (2011). Introduction to human services: Through the eyes of practice settings (2nd ed). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon Publishing
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