Exploring the Diversity of Individuality

Topics: Psychology, Intelligence, Learning Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Resource Paper 2
Unit 2 chapters 11 &12

Chapters 11 and 12 or the book “The Road to College Success” are mainly about patterns in the human development and exploring the diversity or individuality. They each go into detail about how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. They give detailed descriptions of who we are as an individual in this world without even knowing who we are. Neat right! I think so.

My whole life I thought I knew who I was more than anyone else in this world. Today I soon realized that wasn’t true. Through the study of Cognitive Development in chapter 11, I learned that I fit into the commitment category which is the fourth and final stage. I have made a commitment or decision in what I want in life. For example, I chose my career, my religious beliefs, and even choosing to stay with my boyfriend of nine years. I synthesize and evaluate different information then give my opinion and find how that information is relevant in my life. I feel my answer is always correct as long as I can support it with evidence. I have learned from this study that I indeed love to seek relevance with what I am learning. My theory is history is pointless unless you can apply it to the present and the future. I learned that my grades are important, but I learn for the sake of learning and expanding my knowledge, which is very true. Our movement through life occurs in alternating periods of change and stability. I have recently transitioned from your to adult hood in my life stages. I live on my own, pay my own bills and tuition, and support myself. I am a proud 21 year old independent young adult.

In chapter 12, I learned how unique and different I am from a lot of others, but how much alike I am from some. Through Gardner’s study of Eight Multiple Intelligence; I fit in two of those eight categories Interpersonal intelligence and Intrapersonal intelligence. These two are the ability to understand and interact with others and...
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