Exploring Strategy

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Strategy and Strategic Analysis

Pr Manuel Hensmans

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Overview Course
• Introductory Class 1: What is Strategy? (19/09/2011)
• Part I: The Strategic Position
What is our current strategic context?
– Class 2: The Environment (3/10/2011)
– Class 3: Strategic Capabilities (10/10/2011)
– Class 4: Strategic Purpose (17/10/2011)
– Class 5: Culture and Strategy (24/10/2011)


Overview Course (2)
• Part II: Strategic Choices
What choices do we make for the future?
– Class 6: Business strategy (28/10/2011)
– Class 7: Corporate strategy (07/11/2011)
– Class 8: International Strategy (14/11/2011)
– Class 9: McKinsey guest lecture (25/11/2011)
– Class 10: M&A and Alliances (28/11/2011)
– Class 11: Innovation I (2/12/2011)
– Class 12: Innovation II (5/12/2011)


Overview Course (3)
• Part III: Strategy in Action
How do we get there in practice?
– Class 13: Strategy Dvpt Processes (9/12/2011)
– Class 14: Evaluation & Organizational Strategies (12/12/2011) – No class 15: preparation exam for (internat) students leaving


Last class: What is Strategy?

Limitations course: management
Defining what strategy is (not)
General vocabulary of strategy
Applying course objectives to case
– e-clip:


Howard Schultz

Slide 2.7

Part I:
The Strategic Position

Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, Exploring Strategy, 9th Edition, © Pearson Education Limited 2011

The Focus of part I:
The strategic position
• How to analyse an organisation‟s position in the external environment
• How to analyse the determinants of strategic capability – resources, competences and the linkages between them
• How to understand an organisation’s purposes, taking
into account corporate governance, stakeholder
expectations and business ethics
• How to address the role of history and culture in
determining an organisation‟s position


Slide 2.9

The Strategic Position
2: The Environment

Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, Exploring Strategy, 9th Edition, © Pearson Education Limited 2011

Learning outcomes (1)
• Analyse the broad macro-environment of organisations in
terms of political, economic, social, technological,
environmental („green‟) and legal factors (PESTEL)

• Identify key drivers in this macro-environment and use
these key drivers to construct alternative scenarios with
regard to environmental change.

Learning outcomes (2)
• Use Porter’s five forces analysis in order to define the attractiveness of industries and to identify their potential for change
• Importance market segments & strategic customer
• Use these various concepts and techniques in order to
recognise threats and opportunities in the marketplace

Layers of the business environment

12 |

• Pages of textbook to learn
– pp. 48-55, 57-63, 71-73

• Discussion slides
• One possible case@exam
– Airline / brewing industry


The PESTEL framework (1)

The PESTEL framework categorises environmental
influences into six main types:
Thus PESTEL provides a comprehensive list of
influences on the possible success or failure of particular

The PESTEL framework (2)
• Political Factors
• Government policies, taxation changes, foreign trade regulations, political risk in foreign markets, changes in trade blocks (EU).

• Economic Factors
• business cycles, interest rates, personal disposable income, exchange rates, unemployment rates, GDP trends.

• Socio-cultural Factors
• population changes, income distribution, lifestyle changes, consumerism, changes in culture and fashion.
• Example

last class?

The PESTEL framework (3)
• Technological Factors:
• new discoveries and technology...
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