Exploring Equality and Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Disability, Racism Pages: 9 (2889 words) Published: April 2, 2013
NCFE Level 2 certificate in Equality and diversity (QCF) marking guidelines Unit 1: exploring equality and diversity
Describe the community you live in.
1) What is mean by diversity?
This means that different, and varied. People are different in a way they think, believe, and behave and how old they are. They are varied in gender, the jobs they do and the area they live.

2) Describe the community you live in.

I live in Wesley Road; on my street is a corner shop. Also lots people with different lifestyles, some people go to college some of them don’t work. The people are nice in my area and are a quiet area and I like that. Also in my road I see people every morning go to their jobs. People are different in many different ways, have different culture, lifestyles come from different countries, like India, Pakistani, polish, Czechs, etc. Also there are churches, where people can go to pray, for themselves, lots old people attend. Lots people for my local area go to the gym; there ages vary from 16-22 year old. There is a park for children to play in. It’s very populate lots children’s go to play.   People in my community have a range of beliefs which are catered for both spiritually and culturally. We have 3 churches of different denominations which support and hold their own celebrations, as well as regular inter denominational gathering and services to increase community bonds, feelings of wellbeing, and spiritual identity.                 As we are quite close to a university we have many students from all over the world and many different cultural backgrounds these students have integrated

3)Using the information that you gave in question 2, write about how the diversity contributes to your community. There are some takeaways and businesses in my area for example there are Chinese, Indian, Thai and English. This is good, because it gives everyone a variety of food from different cultures. There is a lot of diversity in the about their cultures. Different religions also bring diversity and contribute to the community like Muslims, Christians and Catholics. We see how they dress differently and also we learn about their way of life. People from all walks of life get together and socialise especially children. This breaks down any barriers and we learn to live without prejudice. 4) Give some examples plain how diversity:

Enhances your life
Enhances the local community
Enhances this country

Variety in the community enhances my life there are Interesting things to do, convenience stores,
-This shows we appreciate other cultures
-There is less racism
-Good relations, friendly
-We come into contract with other cultures.
Also I really appreciate the talents and the culture. There are also lots of different people in my community with diverse skills and jobs. This helps the community because some people are medical, factory work, streets cleaning, and some of them are teachers, that makes the community work better. Without all these different people doing diverse jobs, the community would not work as well. Organisations such youth club, gym, football club and numerous other organisations.

5) describe what is means to respect peoples differences and why is important to respect differences. It is important to respect each other differences because their are many ways people are different. Also because people are different in many ways, like some people have disabilities or disorders or like disease that maybe now has a cure for and they have to live there life in bad shape. Many people have disabilities like they smell bad because they may have had things removed from their body and they haven't gotten the chance to get their body right or back on track how it is supposed to be. people have disabilities were they have to have people do certain things for them because they can't do themselves.

6) For a person you know, describe the individual factors that makes him/ her who they...
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