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Background Information: In 1942, Canada’s Food Guide was created as a way to help Canadians ensure that they were meeting all of their dietary requirements for essential and non-essential nutrients. Over the years, the food guide has been revised to reflect the current population needs. Canada’s Food Guide breaks foods down in 4 categories; fruit and vegetables, grain products, milk and alternatives and meat and alternatives.

In this activity, you will be learning how to use Canada’s Food Guide. The first thing that you want to do is look through the food guide and understand all its parts. Notice the 4 categories of food are divided by age and gender. Following that the recommended serving sizes are listed in the middle of the guide. There is even a section on Oil and Fat intake and Beverage consumption. On the back of guide there are other healthy tips to follow.

1. Take a look at the serving sizes required for your age and sex. Fill in the chart below with your recommended number of food guide servings per day.

| Servings Needed Per Day |
Fruit and Vegetables| 8-10|
Grain Products| 8|
Milk and Alternatives| 2|
Meat and Alternatives| 3|
| |

2. Now, complete a THREE (3) day menu for yourself using the chart on the following page. (24 marks – 8 marks per day)

Be specific in your menu plan.
Be sure to list the portion size you will be consuming for each meal.
Example: 2 eggs instead of ‘eggs,’ and 250mL of milk

Day 1
Morning: 250ml of milk, 2 slice of bread (35g) and 30ml peanut butter (2 tbsp)
Afternoon: 250 ml of Green salad, ½ cup of canned vegetables, and 150 ml cooked rice
and 2 fruits
Evening: 250ml of milk
Night: 125ml of fresh vegetables, 125ml of cooked pasta, 125ml of cooked legumes and
1 cup of 100% juice (250ml)

Day 2
Morning: 250ml...
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