Exploring Aspects of Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty

Topics: Physical Appearance, Beauty, Aesthetics Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: December 3, 2013

The beauty around you
How would you choose-weather date someone who is physically attracting you or someone who had a warm heart? Beauty is a characteristic,a quality. Although beauty can have different forms, both physical and inner beauties are very important. Beauty can actually be found very easily in people. The three main differences between physical beauty and inner beauty are appearance, personality and meaning.

Physical appearance is a significant difference we can see. Physical beauty pretty much depends on gene. The good looking people can easily attract others attention; girls want to be pretty because it gives them confidence. On the contrary, not every inner beautiful people can have a nice outlook. In addition, most of us are less likely to interest at someone who doesn’t “look” beautiful although we know nothing about them. As a result, Physical impression is an obvious difference. Another notable difference between these two kinds of beauties is personality. The physically beautiful people might lack some of the most important characters. In other words, the people who only focus on their physical appearance often ignore the importance of friendships and how to dealing with others. For example, it’s not easy to have a long marriage in Hollywood! The inner beautiful people however, are generally behaved as kind, warm hearted and honest. This group of people usually earned more trust and respects. Therefore personality is a very obvious difference. Regardless of the appearance and personality, physical beauty and inner beauty both have positive meaning. Physical beauty is the natural beauty on the outside, everyone wants to be beautiful on appearance. Filming stars, models, even cars are noticeable because they are beautiful outside. Inner beauty is the beauty from inside. Inner beauty can always affect things around people, which will also make people become beautiful. Under those circumstances, both physical and inner beauties are good...
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