Explore the Ways the Writer Presents Relationships Between Characters in the Text You Have Studied

Topics: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë, Jean Rhys Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Explore the ways the writer presents relationships between characters in the text you have studied ‘Jane Eyre’ written by Charlotte Bronte is an intense gothic novel which continuously develops the extreme relationships within its characters by using many different techniques, each which creates an intense affect on its audience. Aunt reeds spiteful attitude towards Jane is a pivotal stage in the development of Jane’s passionate personality. ‘I strove to fulfil every duty yet I was termed naughty’ the use of the word “naughty” suggests that even though Jane tries to obey the commands set by aunt reed she is still oppressed with uncouth remarks. Furthermore Bronte portrays the resentful way Jane is treated by her own family to show why Jane is beyond independent in the future as she uses her afflicted childhood to not rely upon sympathy from anyone and to guard herself which is similar to what Mr. Rochester goes through therefore creating an early link. On a few occasions Jane also refers to Aunt Reed as “Mrs Reed”. This precisely highlights the relationship between Jane and her aunt as this shows that Jane strongly denies even being related to a person like Mrs Reed. Overall the relationship between Mrs Reed and Jane Eyre is rendered atrociously as Bronte wanted her audience to sympathise with the character of young Jane. Because the story is told through Janes eyes, we are allowed to fully understand the development of her emotions.

John reeds superiority over Jane is depicted through his insolent behaviour towards her. “Sometimes reviled her for her dark skin…and he was still her own darling”. This implies that Jane strongly feels a sense of injustice from a young age. Jane also denotes herself as the ‘scapegoat’. Bronte uses the word ‘scapegoat’ to show the vulnerability of Jane and how she is only dependant on herself much like an orphan. Bronte displays a clear social class difference between john and Jane to indicate that Jane is always treated as an...
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