Explore the Ways That Macbeth's Desire for Power Are Presented in Macbeth

Topics: Macbeth, Duncan I of Scotland, King Duncan Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Draft Essay for Macbeth’s Desire for Power

In the play Macbeth by Shakespeare I found at the beginning the character Macbeth was a portrayed as a noble, honest and brave man. As said by the captain in the second scene, ‘For brave Macbeth – well he deserves that title’ (I.2.16). This gives the audience an indication that Macbeth was highly respected by the king’s men and the king himself. His desire for power grew throughout the play from when he had his first encounter with the witches. Macbeth first met the witches whilst on his journey back from battle. The witches gain Macbeth’s attention by hailing him the thane of Glamis, which in the play was his current title. They then hail him the thane of Cawdor, which unbeknown to him would soon be his next title for his recent achievements. Finally the witches hail Macbeth the King hereafter and he is enraptured. Later in the play when Macbeth is greeted by Angus to receive the news that he is to become the thane of Cawdor, this is when Macbeth is convinced that the witch’s prophecy is true by stating to Banquo:

‘Do you not hope your children shall be kings, when those that gave the thane of Cawdor to me promised no less to them?’ (I.3.116-118) Macbeth is stunned with the recent turn of events and he can not help but focus on the other, greater prediction that he will be King. In scene four Macbeth and Banquo arrive at Forres, the palace, where he is greeted by King Duncan and his eldest son Malcolm. King Duncan announces that he has chosen his son Malcolm to be the Prince of Cumberland. Therefore, the hair to the throne. Macbeth is seething about the king’s decision, as he thought he would become king. His emotion is portrayed to the audience whist during the soliloquy, he says: ‘For in my way it lies. Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires:’ Shakespeare uses a rhyming couplet in the quote to make a poignant point that leaves a lasting impression with the audience of how...
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