Explore the ways Rosemary Sutcliff presents the character of Beowulf

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Explore the ways Rosemary Sutcliff presents the character of Beowulf to the reader and how he changes throughout the novel.

Beowulf is the main character in the story “Beowulf the dragon slayer”. He is the hero and saviour in the Geat land and Denmark. Beowulf starts of being a young determined teenager to a true and loyal king. Rosemary Sutcliff gives Beowulf a tremendous character with loads of different sides and personalities to him, my job is to show you how Beowulf changes throughout the story, or if he really changes that much at all. Rosemary Sutcliff firstly presents Beowulf to us as a strong and powerful warrior as we see in this quote, “Men say I have the strength of 30 warriors in my grip” In this quote we can see that Beowulf must stand out over all of the warriors in the king’s court, and in the words “30 warriors in my grip” it is almost telling us that Beowulf is super natural and a remarkable man. But on the other side of things we can see that Beowulf him self said the quote and therefore we feel he is most properly boasting about him self saying he has tremendous strength but he does try to cover himself up by saying “men say”. We also see Beowulf as a very loyal man,

“I am not wont to change my purpose without a cause”
This shows us that Beowulf is set to a challenge and will not back away easily. He does not want to disappoint Hrothgar and his people.
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