Explore the ways relationships are presented in the texts you have studied.

Topics: Love, William Butler Yeats, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 5 (1952 words) Published: February 24, 2014
ESSAY QUESTION - Explore the ways relationships are presented in the texts you have studied. In the captivating play ‘Twelfth Night’ by William Shakespeare, an insight into intense relationships has been presented between two individuals. This theme also refers to relationships during the Elizabethan era, in the sixteenth century which were refined according to statues. I feel that Orsino and Olivia are two characters who embrace an inadequate relationship due to the fact that Olivia doesn’t appreciate Orsino’s love. Twelfth night can be compared with two literary heritage poems by Robert Burns and William Butler Yeats by conferring to their similarities and differences. Both poems develop on the aspects of how relationships are passionately made and how they can be potentially demolished. ‘A Red, Red Rose’, by Robert Burns emphasises on a true and long-lasting relationship in which a lot of dedication is conveyed towards adoring love. Conversely, ‘He wishes for the cloths of heaven’, by William Butler Yeats is based on two characters of which one’s love is neglected due to differentiation as he is poor, and therefore his dreams are shattered. Firstly, in twelfth night relationships are portrayed through several characters especially Orsino’s as he is thought to be powerful, passionate and self-centred. Orsino begins the play with a speech by saying, "If music be the food of love, play on". The particular language of the line makes the statement sound like an allusion, because the term “music” in this line emphasises that his love is gradually developing for a neighbouring countess, which he exposes through music. He shows that he is desperate for her love; as when his love is unrequited he sends a message through Viola (who is disguised as a man) to plead Olivia for her love. Orsino requests Viola to tell Olivia how much he loves her and needs her as he is keen to develop a further relationship with her. For example, he says, “O then, unfold the passion of my love, Surprise her with discourse of my dear faith”. This clearly illustrates that Orsino is certainly determined and wants to be successful in attaining Olivia’s love. It denotes the attributes and elaborates on the obsession which he has for Olivia. It’s also noticeable that Orsino considers himself to be the leader of all Illyria as he is the most powerful duke in the area; and therefore feels he has rights over what he wills. He doesn’t care about what others feel and always wants things to go his way. In Shakespeare’s time this attitude was acceptable, as superior individuals disliked the low classed people and so only communicated with people of their choice. They assumed that they were free to make their own choices whether or not others were satisfied with it or not. Orsino’s sweet words such as, “For such as I am, all true lovers are, unstaid and skittish in all motions else … That is beloved”, implies that he contemplates his love to be true, unpredictable and playful in all his emotions. Also, he is trying to prove that he loves Olivia dearly and therefore is encouraged into making a decent and respectable relationship with her. Likewise, in ‘A Red, Red Rose’, the speaker’s relationship is presented by articulating his vivid love to be profound as it’s unique. It is expressed using various linguistic devices such as metaphors and similes, which enhance on how noble the relationship between the speaker and his love is. For instance, the speaker states, “and I will love thee still, my dear, Till a’ the seas gang dry”. In other words, I will love you till the water in the sea becomes dry. Metaphorically, water never dries up, so the speaker is signifying that his love is interminable. It has a vast impact on the poem as it is repeated. This suggests that the speaker is honourable and trustworthy which establishes on how the relationship is physically and emotionally cherished. In “A Red, Red Rose” Burns is demonstrating what the...
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