Explore the Ways in Which Dickinson Presents Her Beliefs on Mortality

Topics: Death, Emotion, Feeling Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Explore the ways in which Dickinson presents her beliefs on Mortality

Dickinson has created many poems on the theme of death, her main influence on the idea of death in her poems cam from the amount of close relation deaths she faced. Due to the extensive amount of funerals she has had to attend she no longer feels as though attending these funerals are something she feels is right to do, but something she sees as that she now has to do almost like she sees it as a duty. Even though with all these deaths to which she feels obliged to go to, she still feels intense emotion even though she feels distort inside it seems in the context of her poems she tries to keeps these emotions as deep down as she can. Once the death of a close one has occurred we witness how Dickinson becomes very cold inside, almost as though she no longer wishes to be associated with the person who died whether they were close or distant to her.

From ‘The last Night that She lived’ we see how Dickinson has mixed feeling towards the death of her friend/relative. At the start of the poem we see Dickinson being very sensitive on the subject of death, however she sees it as a ‘Common Night/ Except the Dying’. The adjective ‘Dying’ goes against the idea of a ‘Common Night’, by doing this Dickinson is able to put more emphasis on the fact that the death is much more than it seems to the reader. We also see how Dickinson regrets what we could suggest as not appreciating everything about her loved-one, as now she is able to notice the ‘smallest things’ about that one person which she ‘overlooked before’. This could be compared to the phrase ‘you don’t know what you had, until it’s gone.’ By Dickinson now coming to terms with the death of her loved-one she then come to terms on how big of a part that one person played on her life, therefore she starts to think about the ‘smallest things’ she found most interesting and the most amusing about that person which she will now no longer get a taste...
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