Explore Shakespeare's Interest in Deception Based on Your Knowledge and Understanding in the First Two Acts

Topics: Deception, King Lear, Lie Pages: 3 (1112 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Explore Shakespeare’s interest in deception based on your knowledge and understanding in the first two acts

Shakespeare’s “King Lear” in a play filled with betrayal and various acts of deception. This becomes evident in the first few lines. The superficiality of Goneril and Regan empty words combined with their lack of love for their father foreshadows the events to come. We first see dishonesty in Act1 Scene1 with Lears “love test”. Goneril and Regans elegant yet false speeches oppose what they really feel. Goneril speaks first and says “I love you more than words can wield the matter”, the reason why there are no words to express this love, is because she feels none for him, it does not exist. Regan emphasizes the value of her love; she should be priced at Gonerils “Worth”, however we can see that her love is even less than her sisters when she professes Gonerils affection “Comes to short”. Her greed is adamant. Both daughter’s deception and hunger only for themselves, already in the first act establishes an emotional uncertainly and introduces ideas of what’s ahead. Cordelia speaks last, and although stands up for genuine feeling “according to my bond, no more no less”, does not flatter Lear in the way he wished. He asks her to “ment your speech a little”, as feels she should do the same as her sisters. In the speech Cordealisa honesty is seen by Lear as a rebelling and humiliation of him. He feels his heart has been lied to by her refuses in the love test to say “nothing”, assuming therefore that she does not love him. Yet could we question Lears betrayal?

His actions and intentions for breaking up the state were not that of a responsible ruler, renaissance society was patriarchal and genrotocraic; they did not consider retirement, nor did they pass on their power and wealth when they reached old age. They retained their power until they died. Also opposed, was the divine right not kings. As appointed to by god this was a very important period. The fact...
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