Explore how Robert Cormier disturbingly conveys betrayal and its tragic consequences in his novel Heroes.

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Explore how Robert Cormier disturbingly conveys betrayal and its tragic consequences in his novel Heroes.

Betrayal is one of the most awful acts that can commit a human being, it becomes even more awful when this act is committed by someone you love. In the novel “heroes” by Robert Cormier, the horrific betrayals that Larry Lasalle causes will tragically change the lives of Francis Casavant and Nicole Renard. At the beginning Robert Cormier is showing Larry as the most trustful men of all FrenchTown, but after going on reading Larry is showing is real face that he was really cleverly hiding with the community trust. Near the end of the novel Larry is illustrated as a pervert, he will even confess to Francis that Nicole was not the only one.

In the novel, Nicole is one of major element of betrayal; her innocence and purity make her even more fragile to the violence of the world. The fragility of Nicole is in my opinion shown throw her marvellous skills of dancer, the fact that Nicole is the majority of the time dancing with Larry and not her age boys communicates to the reader that something wrong is going with both of them. In fact when Larry rapes Nicole, she’s still considered is still a child not knowing the brutality and perversion of the act of Larry which is a mature adult and a war hero. Since Nicole couldn’t release her rage towards Larry, she decides to release it on the poor Francis how couldn’t do anything for her. (p;68)”My betrayal of her in her eyes”. The act of Larry creates tragic consequences Cormier explains that Nicole feels now betrayed by all men. Her feeling of betrayal of Francis will create a sequence disastrous of events sending Francis to war, coming back with a devastated face.

Larry’s rapping Nicole also means that he betrayed Francis since he surely new the complicity that had Francis and Nicole. Cormier is describing the raping scene as unbearable for the mind of Francis. The scene of Nicole’s rape starts as he creates...
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