Explore how poets create a feeling of insecurity in relation to the home in 'the House' and one other poem of your choice.

Topics: Poetry, Life, Meter Pages: 3 (1351 words) Published: October 23, 2013
A sense of home as a place of insecurity is continuously created in both “The New House’ and ‘The House’; this is done in both similar and contrasting manners. Through various language techniques such as pathetic fallacy, varying use of caesuras, use of imagery & enjambment, both poets emphasise a feeling of tension and insecurity within the house. These techniques all contribute in the way the reader feels when reading the poems; this is usually an unnerving uncomfortable feeling. In both poems, the use of caesura and the lack of caesura portray very contrasting affects; in ‘The New House’, “...and the wind/ Began to moan”, the wind’s energy is dramatically halted for the account. This use of caesura conveys the winds, but also the voice of the poems’, thoughts and the progression of thoughts. Alternatively, the lack of this technique, in ‘The House’ creates a strong breathless quality for the poem as well as drama, due to fear and tension, which reels the reader in. Another matter present which emphasises insecurity in both poems is structure. In ‘The New House’, there is a very rigid, precise structure of four lines per stanza, each line of a similar length. It also has a rhyme scheme and rhythm of ‘ABCB’. This ultimately shows that the poet has a very controlled view upon how the house is which is in considerable contrast to the matters discussed within the poem. This could suggest that voice of the poem likes to be organised and likes to be prepared but this desire for structure in his life is unobtainable and beyond his control. The theme of insecurity is exaggerated in that the voice cannot get what it wants and in some respect it already knows that but likes to remain in an illusion. However, in ‘The House’, there is no particular structure to the poem, but a significant amount of enjambment; it is more free and flowing than ‘The New House’. It links in with the characteristics spoken about within the poem. For instance, the location alters from place...
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