Explore Bangladesh(Online Tourism Guide)

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1.1 Background of the project
Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It had many tourist attractions which are unknown to foreigners .This project is to help the tourist to find those places. After visiting each place they can send their reviews to the online system so that it can give feedback to other tourists. Tourist can also book hotel, car and reserve movie ticket online.

1.2 Aim of the project
The proposed system is nothing but a helping for tourists who want to exploit the country. Most of the times after arriving to a country or before, tourists don’t know which places he/she should visit. This website will help them to make decision. Again a place of accommodation is also important. That’s why information for hotels is also given. They can also book hotel from our website.

For online tourism guide, lots of image and information is needed to provide to attract tourists for visiting those places in Bangladesh. It’s very strategic job to extract the desired information which will signify a location as a place to visit..

1.3 Methodology to be used
Methodology can be:

a) “The analysis of the principle of methods, rules, and postulates employed by a discipline”.

b) “The systematic study of methods that are, can be, or have been applied within a discipline”.

c) A documented process for management of projects that contains procedures, definitions and explanations of techniques used to collect, store, analyzed and present information as part of a research process in a given discipline.

d) The study or description of methods.

At the stage of analysis, we had followed the waterfall Development Methodology. The waterfall model is a sequential software development process, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards though the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance.

1.4 Benefit of the project
Online tourism guide has unique feature which is not present in the current tourism sites of Bangladesh. After visiting each of the places tourists can send their reviews in the websites so that potential tourists can se the reviews and choice their desired places.

1.5 Summary
Using Online Tourism System, user can have the benefit to get the information about various destinations before they visit those places and make their choice.


2.1 Introduction
Bangladesh is a beautiful country comprises many tourist attractions. But in online system there is lacking to represent our beautiful country. The main goal of this project is to design and implement the Explore Bangladesh Online Tourism Guide. This system is mainly to help tourists who are willing to visit Bangladesh. Many a times it is seen that tourist who are outside our country has little knowledge of our country and the places to visit inside it. Tourism websites except Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation have mainly focused on their business packages rather than on the country or the places to visit. The concept of this type of project is mainly to overcome the scarcity of this situation.

2.2 Background of this project
Explore Bangladesh Online Tourism Guide is an online tourism guide for Bangladesh. It is seen that most of the tourism sites in Bangladesh are supplements of various travel agencies. These travel agencies either do the job for booking air/bus tickets for their customer or offer various tourism packages. For this reason they have focused mainly on their business package. They may be unconsciously overlooked to exploit or to advertise the exotic locations of the country or maybe they are more than satisfied to let the people see about their respective companies and their travel packages. That is why there is a demand to bridge the gap and use the online technology to let the foreigners see our beautiful country. For this reason the tourism websites have been researched and the problems of this...
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