Exploration Proposal Pop Art

Topics: Pop art, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: January 26, 2014
 Exploration Proposal
I hope to explore the images of comic strips consumerism and symbolism in pop art that have been influenced in our everyday lives and how the mass media, advertising and popular culture are portrayed through pop art. One of the greatest iconic pop culture artists Andy Warhol suggests “I like boring things” this is a broad indication of a part of how pop culture is based on. It exposes how objects in everyday life can be right in front of us and we as people don’t think twice about what we are using. For example, Andy Warhol creates a wooden sculpture and painting based on the simplicity of ‘Campbell’s tomato soup’ an item he had been consuming for over 20 years frequently. I began to see interest in the field of pop art when I was at a younger age I was surrounded by it due to the mass media, constant advertisement imagery and basically elements of consumerism which created connection between the people. I was inspired to continue this art form as it drives my passion; it stems my love for consumerism. People can appreciate everyday objects and bright colours the same way as it derives me. I aim to experiment with a range of materials and techniques throughout my exploration in pop art. Digital photography was by far the most loved personally in my pervious Unit 1 carried in Studio Arts. It is an art media that I can place my skills to use and excel at. A digital single-lens reflex camera was the tool used to photograph objects and the photographs were further transferred into an editorial suite (Adobe Photoshop) and were manipulated to create a completely new picture. This technique can further be perused in creating pop art as there are a vast amount of filters found in editorial suites alongside blending pictures, masking, colour and picture correcting and abstracting of photos. Silver gelatin photography is another photographic process, however required more manual work. Strategies are used to create the desired pictures required...
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