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Topics: Police, Crime, Orlando, Florida Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: April 2, 2013
To begin my career in criminal justice as an Investigative detective I must first earn an A.S degree in criminal justice at Valencia Community College. This would then transfer me into the criminal justice program at the University of Central Florida. The degree will allow me to enter the police field ranked higher so I can work my way to detective quicker. My passion and drive has always been to solve the unknown so detective work is the job that fits me. My selected career choice represents me simply because of the thrill I get when faced with solving a problem or mystery. Detective work has always been fascinating to me and, for as long as I could remember my favorite shows have always been NCIS and Law and Order. I have a dedication to helping the detective field like a teacher has to her students. I enjoy the suspense of detective work and can withstand the gruesome and horrific murder scenes that come with a day’s work in my expected career. I am consistently up till two or three in the a.m., so the middle of the night calls with not really affect me because of my sleeping habits. My past experiences will also help with my career because I was raised in a city with a very high crime rate and abundant amounts of unsolved murder cases. I know how crimes are committed and what criminal’s normal do after committing a crime which all leads me back to being a perfect fit for Investigative Detective. My mother always told me “If you hate your job then you work every day if you love your job and what you do for a living you will never work a day”. This means if you enjoy your career then you will love what you do, so going to work is not like a job it’s like a hobby. According to flvc.com courses Required at Valencia for my degree are English Com I(ENC1101), Interpersonal Communication ,Tech Professions or Communication ,College Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Intro to Compute Science or Elementary Statistics, General Anthropology, General Sociology, Prin of Econ I...
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