Exploration of an Individualised Appraoch to Care

Topics: Nursing, Qualitative research, Nursing theory Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: January 2, 2013
e process of A.P.I. E was later modified to A.S.P.I.R.E resulting in the systematic nursing diagnosis stage being brought in; By completing the initial assessment stage, it will help to establish the nursing diagnosis which involves making a decisive statement concerning the client’s needs (George 1995). This is often referred to as a Systematic Nursing Diagnosis; which involves identifying the patient needs from a nursing perspective. This nursing diagnosis differs greatly from that of a medical as it emphasises the holistic needs of the patient (Barrett et al 2009) and recognises individuality. Therefore this takes into consideration the entire needs of a patient. However, problems have been associated with the addition of this stage; one being the degree to which the Nurse had contributed to the whole Nursing Process (Mason and Attree 1997), for example this would mean that if they had had little involvement in the patients assessment then they would not be able to make accurate judgements by only reading the assessment. After the Nursing diagnosis, a need statement should be produced which is a clear sentence that exactly describes the patients problem or need. Alongside this, should be a set of baseline information. A baseline offers a description of where the patient is now in relation to the need. Finally, the needs of the patient are prioritised and should be patient-led (Barrett et al 2009). The fact that the patient is fully in charge of this stage means that the care is entirely based and planned around themselves as individuals. RLT (2000) prefer to use the word “assessing” as opposed to “assessment” as it suggests that it is implies a more cyclical activity rather a “once only” one (Holland et al 2003). The main aims of assessment when using RLT (2000) as the nursing model are to; collect information, review and order the information, identify the problems, prioritise the problems and consider the 12 activities of living in order to identify the...
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