Explication of Death and Co. by Sylvia Plath

Topics: Poetry, Stanza, Rhyme scheme Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: November 20, 2008
Situation of Poem:
This poem does not tell a story, but instead is a narrative piece of how she feels and the authors feelings towards certain things like children and her husband. The author expresses her life much through this poem. The speaker of the poem seems to be Sylvia Plath herself, and she seems to be speaking directly to the audience, no more like as if she is speaking to people around her, that understand her life. Because her life one can make direct connections to her life and to her poems, so I believe that one can trust the speaker.

Structure of Poem
The form of the poem Death and Co. is a traditional form, the limerick form, because every stanza is five lines except for the very last line. I believe the reason why Sylvia Plath had chosen this types of form, is because in a way each stanza has its own type of meaning, and emotions. As you read the poem it is clearly seen that the movement of the poem goes for one topic to another. One could relate back to her life by saying from her children it goes to her husband. However there is no movement for her emotions, the speaker always seems to be in the same mind set. There are 11 sentences in the poem, with 6 stanzas in the poem with 5 lines each stanza, and then after the stanzas there is only one line left. These sentences are very simple, none of the sentences ever pass 5 syllables. All of lines in the poem but 7 and all end-stopped, and all of the lines but 5 have punctuation in them. Because there are also punctuation in four of the lines, this may be because the author wants to express her feeling and emotions better, showing her sorrow maybe. The title clearly expresses her poem because her poem is also about death, not only to the children, but also to herself because at times it seems she is the one slowly dying. Language of the Poem

The word choice that the author has chosen is both simple yet unusual. This is because the words are very simple and normal, yet she arranges in an...
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