Explanation of Main Points in "The Achievement of Desire"

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Part II
“Didn’t i realize that reading would open up whole new worlds? A book could open doors for me. It could introduce me to people and show me places I never imagined existed. She gestured towards the bookshelves . (Bare-breasted African women danced, and the shiny hubcaps of automobiles on the back covers of the geographic gleamed in my mind.) I listened with respect. But her words were not very influential. I was thinking then of another consequence of literacy, one i was too shy to admit but nonetheless trusted. Books were going to make me “educated.” That confidence enabled me, several months later, to over come my fear of the silence.

In this text, Richard Rodriguez gains his undying interest in reading. This is where he realizes what he believes would be his true calling. He believer reading would open up a new chapter of life to him. Show him places he had never imagined. He wanted to be educated. Achieve more than his parents `did. The fact that he knew books would make him achieve his goal, gave him confidence. He was initially a shy person who kept to himself probably because of his accent. But his tutor found a way through this private tutoring for him to break out of his shell. From then on he improved his speech and reading abilities for him to mould himself to this excellent scholar.

Part III
“But this is criticism more accurate than fair. The scolarship boy is a very bad student. He is the great mimic; a collector of thoughts, not a thinker;the very last person in class whoever feels obliged to have an opinion of his own. In larger part, however, the reason he is such a bad student is because he realizes more often and more acutely than most other students than Hoggart himself that education requires radical self-reformation. As a very young boy, regarding his parents, as he struggles with an early homework assignment, he knows this too well. That is why he lacks self assurance. He does not forget that the classroom is responsible for...
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