Explaining the Validty of God's Existence

Topics: Existence, Arguments for the existence of God, Existence of God Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Identifying and Explaining the rational defensibility and Validty of God's Existence John Schwandner
Grand Canyon University
Introduction to Philosophy and Ethics
Dena Hurst
September 03, 2011

Identifying and Explaining the rational defensibility and Validity of God's Existence I believe that when we start believing in God is from birth. We are taught about god from day one until the day we die. My belief and I tell everybody that will listen to me that God is for real he created us and he takes care of us throughout our lives. When we start going to church at a young age and start to learn more about the bible we gather information on what God has done for us. This gains knowledge on what we are taught and gives us the facts of his existence and we should spread the word to people that did not have the privilege of going to church at the young age. These are the people that are hard to get to believe because they do not have the knowledge of God. The first question I will ask them is tell my why you do not believe in god. Their answer is usually no one has ever seen him. And my response is who do you think created us. This question usually makes them to stop and think for a minute and they seem to believe me more and more. There are many different forms of arguments for the existence of God. It starts with the philosophers theories which goes way back in time and they believe that there is a God by what people has drawn through history and some personal experiences. The primary focus is the philosophical arguments which are the ontological argument, the first cause argument, the argument from design and the moral argument. When we as people look at each of these arguments it will give us more knowledge in the way that we think about them rationally that there is a god. The first two supporters that used the ontological argument were St. Anselm an eleventh century philosopher theologian and archbishop of Canterbury and French philosopher Rene...

References: Arguments for God’s Existence. (2007). Retrieved from http://existence-of-god.com
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