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Question 1
Q. A laptop has the Following specification: core i3 Intel inside at 1.2 GHz at 64-bit processor, 3MB cache Memory, 6GB RAM, 1TB internal hard disk, webcam, 10/100/1000 LAN port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 11 inch screen, 6battery cell, windows 8 starter, A. Explain the meaning of each specification

core i3 Intel inside
Core i3 Intel processor inside means, that the laptop has been fitted with 3 microprocessors hence the name i3. The laptop has more processing speed compared to previous processors like 4004,8008, 8088, n x86 series, centrino, Pentium series, etc 1.2 GHz

Laptops with processing speed of 1.2 GHz means that its clock speed is 1.2 gigabytes per second that is how much instruction that can be carried out in a second. In our case the laptop can carry out 12 million commands in one second. 64-bit Systems

64-bit means that it can handle twice as many bits per clock cycle than 32- bit processor. A 64-bit system can access far more RAM than the 4GB of the 32-bit systems. A 64-bit system can access 17.2 billion gigabytes of memory. This is way ahead of the requirements of present day hardware and software applications, and means that the devices connected to the system are not using memory that the operating system would ordinarily use. Essentially, 64-bit systems are faster than their 32-bit counterparts.

3MB cache memory
So, what that 3MB does, is that it gives a bit of extra space for the CPU to retrieve information. Itself being right next (physically glued) to the CPU enhance the performance of the Computer... marginally. They are "future-proofed" for a long time to come.

Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage. A random-access device allows stored data to be accessed directly in any random order. In contrast, other data storage media such as hard disks, CDs, DVDs and magnetic tape, as well as early primary memory types such as drum memory, read and write data only in a predetermined order,...
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