Explain Why You Are Applying To The Che

Topics: Management, Learning, Civil engineering Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Explain why you are applying to the Chevening programme and describe the personal, intellectual and interpersonal qualities that make you well placed to be a future leader in your home country.

Initially my greater desire to pursue physics has leaded me to the field of civil engineering. More importantly wanting to contribute to the ever-growing infrastructure and construction field I was witnessing in the Gulf Area.

As a trusted member of my class council and through participation in Engineering Weeks. I held the responsibility of the Civil Labs Exhibition. I faced the pressure of meeting my department expecting, been accountable for a group of students and competing with other departments. Has made me a confident communicator and enhanced my presentation skills.

Transitioning to the professional work was smooth. Having many training opportunities to work in constructions sites, course projects and taking on the renovation work of our house. I was able to practice and develop the technical skills learned in school and learn how tackle problems logically.

My 3 years experiences in construction and contracting made me paint a more realistic picture of how demanding yet rewarding work it is. I was fortunate to have great management in SAUDI TACCO Est. Who saw my potentials as the newest and youngest of the Technical Department; I got promoted to a Technical Manager after only one year, for my initiative to step up and handling multiple responsibilities. I also holding the position of Procurement Assistant; I learned time management skills in preparing schedules for deliveries & purchases.

I would like to further enhance the skills I demonstrated by pursuing grade studies in Construction Economics & Management. Taking the advantage of the great educational system in UK and the cultural exchange of university life experience. I hope to bring its fruit to my native Sudan. By consulting and directing activities concerned with the construction and...
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