Explain Why William Became Involved in Wales in the Years 1066 to 1087 (12)

Topics: England, Scotland, Wales Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: May 13, 2013
June 2010 optional question 3
Explain why William became involved in Wales in the years 1066 to 1087 (12) Plan
* Wanted to assert his authority over them
* Had to keep Wales at bay because the border kept shifting * Rebels that went against William went to Wales for safety The main reason that William became involved in Wales shortly after he had taken England was because he would have seen the Welsh as a threat. Along with many other countries, they would have known that the situation in England was unstable and William may have thought Wales were planning an invasion. To assert his authority over Wales, he led a campaign into their country in 1066 and an even larger one in 1081 for the sole purpose of asserting his dominance over the country. If he shown just how powerful he was, then the Welsh princes would see that it was in their best interests to submit. He would have thought that because Wales had submitted to Edward the Confessor, they should do the same with him. Another reason why he got involved with William was because the borders between England and Wales were an issue. The borders between the two countries kept shifting which led to disputes between the Welsh and the English over the land. This would have created tension and William would have had to intervene. This is why he built castles along the border so he could establish the line between his country and Wales. Also, why he wanted this line to be established was because Wales was having a power struggle itself. Because there were multiple princes in Wales there were many disputes going on and William did not want this ‘spilling over’ into his country. Furthermore, some rebels that went against William such as Hereward the Wake and Edric the wild took shelter in wales when their rebellions had failed. Because Wales was sheltering the rebels from William, this made Wales an enemy to Williams reign. Overall, the reason why William became involved with wales during his reign was...
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