Explain Why the Liberal Government intr

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Explain Why the Liberal Government introduced reforms affecting children in the years 1906-1908 (12)

In the years 1906-08 the Liberal Government at that time introduced reforms that affected the children at the time; including the Children Act in 1908 that made parental neglect illegal, Education Act in 1906 that made free school meals available. There were a number of reasons at this time as to why these acts were introduced including fear of the Labour Party growth, the reports published by Booth and Rowntree, and the emergence of New Liberalism in the Liberal Party. Labour Party growth was a key factor in the Liberal Governments desire to introduce reforms affecting children as the Labour Part was emerging as the party for the working class, a position that the Liberals had previously held. In the 1906 elections the Labour Party had gained 30 seats where previously they had held 2 after the 1900 election, between 1907-09 they also made some gains in by elections. David Lloyd George summarised the position of the Liberal Government in a speech where he said that the only way to guarantee Liberal support was through reform. This meant that through the years’ jop 1906-08 the Liberal government passed reforms that affected children as it was hoped it would guarantee support from the parents of the working class as it would be clear that the Liberal Government was interested in helping the working class. Growth of the Liberal Party also resulted in the development of New Liberalism in the Liberal Party which also contributed to the reforms for children. Secondly the Liberal government introduced a series of reforms for children between 1906-08 because of the emergence of New Liberalism in the Liberal Party. New Liberalism was the belief that if some people to achieve freedom and happiness may need state help if they cannot support themselves. As children have no recourse for helping themselves it was thought that they should be...
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