Explain why the Catholic Church was weakened my renaissance popes

Topics: Pope, Pope Julius II, Rome Pages: 2 (683 words) Published: January 6, 2015
Explain why the Catholic Church was weakened by renaissance popes in the years c1500 t0 1527? 16th century Europe was mainly under the control of the Catholic pope. The pope had authority over almost everything. However, renaissance Popes Alexander VI, Julius II and Leo X did not show good examples of Holy living. The Catholic Church was weakened by Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503)for different reasons, one way that he weakened the church was through the loss of popularity, this came from his sexual nature and actions. For example, prostitutes were often in his company, such as at his own daughter’s wedding where he took pleasure viewing 150 prostitutes doing sexual acts, he had at least 8 bastard children and 3 mistresses, this went against the teachings of the church as it taught no one could have children out of wedlock and especially the pope as he was supposed to be 100% dedicated to religion, it showed that he was very lustful which is one of the deadly sins in the bible, it was dodgy for a pope to go against celibacy. This began to encourage people to question the Catholic faith and church and its teachings and also trusting the pope less, therefore weakening the Catholic Church. church was also weakened due to the fact that pope Alexander was corrupt, he was accused to nepotism by giving his family members offices within the church, 8 members of his family; whom we was very fond of, were made cardinals, this was again braking the rules but also gained him more power having close relation to many of the cardinals and papal states, this weakened the catholic church also because it was criticised for pluralism which is where a Priest held rights to more than one parish. This could result in money gain from both parishes. He was not Godly and disobeyed the Catholic Church teachings by doing this. Julius II (1503-1513) was known as ‘the warrior pope’ by Christine Shaw, he was very power orientated, short tempered an d quite plain spoken but he liked to take...
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