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Explain Why Some Teenagers Drop Out of Schools

By yikfhong Aug 10, 2012 500 Words
Dropping out of school is an issue faced by many teens today. I feel that there are many reasons why students want to and do dropout of school. Due to my research students use dropping out of school as a way to escape from their problems. Further in this paper I will provide you with the information telling you what I recollect the problems are. One of the greatest problems students have in countries such as the US is dropping out of school. I feel that the most average reason for students turning to dropping out is because of them being effected by thier family problems. One way they could become effected is by thier family, is having abusesive parents. Students might feel if they stop going to school it could be the only way to get back at parents that act in such manner. Another reason for students dropping out of schools is because of their family income. Everyone knows that young people these days have the thought that they need flashy and exspensive clothing to go to school. Students could also have the thought because of misguidance. They could have a family that has been raised on relying on something other than school for a key into happiness.

I think if a student have some desire for school one will work their ups and downs out throughout the school years. See it is possible for family to be the problem thats makes some drop out. If a student does not feel well, it is most likely that the students performance decreases. I feel if the student has no desire what so ever for school theres no way the student will make it through school. School is another object that forces students to give up and dropout. Changes of the family environment might also effect the students progression, if a parent dies, another child is born, the student has a child, the circumstances change significantly. And some teaching staff teaches to fast and with the teacher moving to fast could cause failure in grades and that also makes students give up. Anything that causes a student to feel unsafe could make them dropout. Additionaly, teachers could be the reason as well.

The student is the last reason I will tell you about but is not the last reason known. If you want a good future go through school and theres a 90% percent better chance your life will turn out better. The other students gets the student to dropout to see what happens to them because they really is the one who wants to but isn't sure what will happen. No matter what your problems are you shouldn't drop out of school. Teachers could be teaching in a way thats not making the course interesting, which also could make the student bored with the course and not getting any motivation from the teaching staff leads to less attendance of the course.

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