Explain Why Some Seaside Resorts Have Been More Successful Than Others in Responding to Change in the Past Fifty Years

Topics: Seaside resort, Tourism, Pier Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: November 24, 2005
After the seaside resorts ‘recession' in the 1980, and 1990's, some areas decided to try and regenerate their tourist industry with a variety of other methods of generating money and more visitors. The different ways in which this has occurred has resulted some resorts have prospered and some either yet to or flat out failed.

The areas that have been successful are not only the larger, and more attractive areas but also the smaller resorts as well. This is because as well as realising that the market is eroding at an early stage they have created an adaptation that is ‘in touch' with either the mass market's needs or have reached another large market.

Firstly Blackpool has seen recent prosperity in is tourist industry with a large amount of private investment from a large company Leisure Parcs. The firm invested £1billion worth of six casinos in the area and this has alone generated 30 million visitors and £2billion in its first year. This is a huge advance from its slowing economy and has proved to be a successful change for the whole area. The huge amount of investment has been used effectively and with anything if money is used effectively, rewards will be reaped.

Another way an area has successfully changed is using the infrastructure, buildings, transport links and scenic quality for other reasons. Brighton and Hove have changed their area's industry from tourism to housing and have turned into an attractive commuter and retirement community. This has been successful, as the area has used its positive assets, in order to attract a large market (England is an ageing population) to their area.

Some resorts have achieved a huge amount of success by not updating their buildings, but buy getting rid of the buildings that remain from the traditional seaside resort such as the fish and chip shops, and the cheap souvenir shops that are found on the Pier. Instead they have erected nightclubs and trendy bars and restaurants. This success is again due...
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