Explain why some places have a high level of landslide and avalanche hazard risk.

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Explain why some places have a high level of landslide and avalanche hazard risk.

Land slides and Avalanches are one of the worlds most major natural hazard types. They kill between 25 and 50 people per year and cost the United States $3.5 billion to repair per year. Landslides are caused when soil is disrupted. For example when deforestation occurs it removes the roots from the soil. The soil can then not hold it self together so when it rains the soil becomes saturated and falls. They can also be triggered when earthquakes occur through soil slips or debris triggering it to move. Avalanches are caused by mass movement of snow or unstableness of snow. There are many reasons why areas experience high levels of avalanches or landslides. On the Appalachian Mountains in the US they experience deadly landslides. This is mainly due to the mountain having a high altitude therefore the snow builds up fast and becomes unstable causing it to rocket to the ground quite quickly. At the San Andreas Fault, there is a high chance of a landslide to occur; the reason being due to it been on a plate boundary, mini earthquakes will take place frequently, and because it’s low lying, it is also endangering the people below surrounding the fault line. The Rocky mountains are high lying therefore prone to snow and glacial ice. Due to global warming the climate experiences rapid changes in temperature thus melting the ice and causing massive avalanches to soar done the side of the mountains destroying villages and potentially kill tourists skiing on the side of the mountains.
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