Explain Why Overseas Student Choose to Study in Australian Universities

Topics: Higher education, United Kingdom, Student Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: March 10, 2009
At present, large numbers of overseas students are moving to Australia for better tertiary education. Overseas students can be defined as undergraduate students that come from Asia to Australia. The three main reasons a decision is made by these students to come to Australia is mainly due to the quality of education here, the lifestyle that Australia has, and the proximity of the home country to Australia.

First of all, the quality of education that can be obtained in most universities in Australia are of a high standard. A large quantity of international students try to enter highly renowned universities in Australia to achieve better education. By doing so, these undergraduates are more likely to have better job opportunities in Australia. Furthermore, these students will have better chances of employment. These foreign students are also being taught by qualified, professional lecturers and tutors, which are generally more trustworthy.

Secondly, most international students move to Australia due to the fact that the lifestyle in Australia is very different in contrast to Asia. The maintenance of the environment in Australia, such as air, water and land, play an important role in keeping Australia a hygienic country. Thus, these undergraduates experience cleaner streets, air and water than most Asian countries. The locals of Australia also have been known to be very friendly and welcoming towards foreigners which therefore encourages foreigners even more to move to Australia. Besides that, Australia is also known to be a relatively safe country to live in, in spite of a few murder or manslaughter cases that rarely occurs. Being an encouraging and safe place to live in, Australia has become popular amongst students as a country to study and live in.

Lastly, these foreign students come here for further education because of the proximity from the Asia Pacific region to Australia. With most of Asia being close to Australia, most international students...
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