Explain the Strengths and Weaknesses of Aquinas' Cosmological Argument

Topics: Causality, Cosmological argument, Existence Pages: 4 (1203 words) Published: April 18, 2013
a) Explain the strengths and weaknesses of Aquinas’ cosmological arguments.

The cosmological argument is an a posteriori argument based on the question of the relation of the universe’s existence and God’s existence. This argument focuses on the theory that if the universe exists then something must have caused it to existence, ie. A God or Creator. Supporters of this argument claim that to fully comprehend the existence of the universe, one must rely on a theory of a God however critics would say that due to the inability to prove God’s existence means that the universe cannot be fully explained. Many who don’t support the cosmological believe there doesn’t necessarily need to be an explanation for the universe’s existence as it simply exists.

Some strengths of the cosmological argument is that it gives an explanation and reason for the universe as oppose to thinking everything just exists because it does. People may find comfort in the cosmological argument and believing that a God created the universe as it gives the impression that everything in the universe has a specific purpose instead of just being random. Another strength is due to the argument being an a posteriori argument and it being from everyday experience of the universe. In other words, our experience of the universe aids our understanding that certain aspects of the universe have specific purposes and exist for specific reasons which gives strong support for this argument. The fact that the argument also helps develop an understanding of popular questions helps it to be a strong theory. A question such as ‘Why is there a universe?’ can be answered with the cosmological argument as believing that God created the universe provides an answer. The ideas on cause and effect, motion and change and contingency are clear and easy to follow making it comprehendible and easy to support. For many people, the idea that God is the cause of the universe is straightforward and no more explanation is...
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