Explain the Rise of Civilization in One of the Following Locations: Ancient Egypt, Indus River Valley, or Mesopotamia.

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Indus Valley Civilization Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Explain the rise of civilization in one of the following locations: Ancient Egypt, Indus River Valley, or Mesopotamia.

Egypt, otherwise known as the “Gift of the Nile”, started as small villages along the great Nile River, and slowly became greater to the point of city-states, and eventually a great empire. The small villages evolved into the thriving civilization by three major doings; commercial trade along the river influencing and ultimately boosting their economy, architecture that has lasted for thousands of years that showed magnificent structure and great intellectual capabilities, and the dynamic form of government that ruled for thousands of years. The trade that the early Egyptians instilled was the beginning form of their economy. They traded between villages up and down the Nile, throughout the delta, even to the other settlements of Mesopotamia and Greece, which did not have the same raw materials to make iron, or the minerals like flint and copper. The trade routes grew extensively reaching to the ancient Indus Valley civilization of Harappa to Europe, all trading with each other to get the essential and bare necessities to live. They traded agricultural items like wheat, barely, and cotton, to other settlements that didn’t have them so they could provide food, drinks, and linen to dress themselves with. The commercial trade wasn’t the primary source of their economy, but it was legitimate and widespread. The villages and small, walled cities started to advance with more wealth or expensive objects and decorations because of the trade that was happening throughout the Nile and the civilizations around it. The significance about trade was that it was the first income of economy in the ancient Egyptian civilization and that it may not be the primary income, but it still was efficient to produce food and shelter for the people of Egypt. The amazing architecture the Egyptians left were amazingly crafted and showed their great power and advanced...
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