Explain the Principal Sociological Perspectives

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Sociological Approach to Health and ill health
The functionalist approach in regard to health and ill health came from Talcott Parsons. Talcott Parsons urged that people must be health for the society to function well. He continued to verify that illness is a form of unaccepted behaviour and people who are ill play the sick role.
Moreover, his approach towards these members is that the state comes with responsibilities. The rights that are related with the sick role include; People expect to be excluded from normal roles for that period of time. or duties e.g. work, house chores and also to be nurtured. The family play an important role in caring for the sick person.
Responsibility of the sick role is; the sick person has to take good care of wellbeing in order to recover and return to normal duties. The functionalist contrast with the with government views regarding illness, that the society will be ineffective with sick people. Major strategies must be considered for the society to function.
The Marxist approach: Concerning health, illness and health and social care services that are offered, the Marxist conform that this is an advantage to those in the high class. The government continue to allow advertisement of products that cause ill health and junk food. Moreover, factories manufacture dangerous products and cars cause air pollution.
The functionalist view ill health as something that happen any time, whereas theorists say ill heath is a result of differences in the society. For example in areas of poverty there is high rate of unemployment. The government play a small role to eradicate issues that are associated with illness. Therefore people who are privileged benefit in the society.
The Interactionist or social action approach: The interactionist approach is focused on the steps that an individual say about the illness, whether the

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